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Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Loadout matchmaking. Loadout Store Page. Global Achievements. Can't play at all, just sticks with the timer counting up when trying to join any match, with or without friends. Any ideas?

Loadouts also dubbed Weapon sets are a multiplayer feature that was first introduced in Halo: Reach. In Reach they are a predetermined set of classes that a player picks at both the beginning of a multiplayer match and during respawn. In Halo 4loadouts were advanced to become personalized starting equipment. Loadout matchmaking Halo: Spartan Assaultthey are to be customized each time before starting a campaign mission. Known as Weapon sets in Halo 2: Anniversary 's multiplayer segment, loadouts operated as predetermined classes, rather than the modular classes seen in Halo 4. Loadouts returned in Halo: Spartan Strike. Loadouts then returned in a refined fashion in Halo 5: Guardians.

Welcome, welcome! If this is your first time, get stuck in and start making a mess — There are guns for that. Dirty Bomb is back online. For Good.
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This might be a bit of a vent as being fed up with gameplay is what drove me to write this, but is there going to be a loadout matchmaking implemented that awards a gear score when matchmaking, leading to higher tier geared players being more likely to be placed in the same matches? Or perhaps forcing higher geared players to spawn further away from choke points like on customs. As it stands right now the game is nearly unplayable for me as I am constantly being popped at a choke point by ppl who already have all the gear they could ever need and are now just messing around trolling the have-nots. Once I came to this realization, the game became supremely unfun. This I think is what leads to hatchlings cluttering up the maps because this is the only way for them to gain any kind of progress. What is the point in bringing in even medium tier gear when you are just going to be camped at a crossing by a player whos gear cost x5 what yours does. And on the off chance that you do get the drop on such a player, his armor gives him a ridiculous edge. I am 35 hours into the game and I have yet to kill a single M4 equipped forted player.

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